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So Cody plans on coming for Frankie AND Zach. Rose…you are the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to those two. Those two boys ARE Big Brother. You lost 2 Jury votes you never had jockstrap model.

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never wanted to go to new york ( like everyone else) to me it always been london & california ( mainly San Francisco) 

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what did you just say? gothenburg isn’t new jersey. That is an insult. For gothenburg. 

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@cheribarner: A little champagne on the way to Paris. #parfait #treatyoself

@DgFeurriegel: See you soon Paris @peoplecons #SpartacusCon #bunny #excited #grrrr


Gay marriage finally legal in England.
Rainbow flag over British government offices to celebrate today. A good day.

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Johnny Depp being Johnny Depp


Cody is planning to throw Zach under the bus to justify him voting out Christine in his final 2 speech. 

And he’s going to tell Frankie to go back into his sisters piggy bank. 

Is he trying to lose jury votes? 


Charlie & Cookie!Jax (x)

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